ZPure™ Gas Purification - Stainless Steel Traps




ZPure (TM)


• High-Efficiency inline traps with outstanding capacity
• High quality activated adsorbents for long purifier life and efficient contaminant removal
• Various size and fitting configurations to fit existing installations






*Filter lifetime is dependent on quality of incoming gas and the flow rate.
*For more detailed specifications on individual applications please contact us at analytical@btconnect.com.



ZPure (TM) Compression Fittings

Quick connect fittings ZPure (TM)
Push to Connect Fittings ZPure (TM)
Compression Fittings : Seals well and can be broken and retightened many times if used properly. Compatible with industry standard ferrules and tubing.
Quick Connect Fittings : Used for fast connections and replacements. Superior seal using O-rings and check valves to protect gas lines.
Push-to-Connect Fittings : Used to connect plastic tubing with a quick and easy connection. Push-to-connect fittings have lower pressure ratings and permeation through plastic tubing can have some effect on the ultimate purity level of the gas.



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