Chrompack Gas Clean Filters



Fast and simple Cartridge Exchange… Less than a minute with virtually no instrument downtime. Up to four traps conveniently mounted in one unit. Removes water, Oxygen and Hydrocarbons. In-line indicator to signal when filters need replacing. Easy wall mounting option.

The Chrompack Gas Clean Filter is a high capacity, three stage gas filter that removes all common contamination from GC gas streams. This is especially crucial in capillary GC. Many carrier gases contain high levels of contamination in the forms of moisture, hydrocarbons and oxygen.

The Chrompack Gas Clean Filter is a combination of three high capacity gas traps that permit longer, maintanance free operation. The first stage removes moisture from the gas stream and contains a proprietary indicator that turns from green to pale brown when exposed to <0.1ppm% moisture. This is the most sensitive indicator on the market. Using indicating Gas Clean Filters directly before your GC instrument will assure that gases are completely clean. The Chrompack Oxygen and Moisture Gas Clean Cartridge Indicators are clearly visable through the polycarbonate housing.

The recommended purity for capillary columns in combination with the MS-detector is, as a rule of thumb, < 1ppm per contaminant. It is clear that gases must be even of a higher quality than 5.6 grade to fulfil the demands of the MS technique. Chrompacks CP-Gas Clean Filters were evaluated by internal and external users and prove to be far superior for these applications.

Everything necessary for GC carrier gas purification is available along with a unique connecting base plate which eliminates the need for flushing gas lines. This simple "snap-on" device means that filters can be exchanged in less than a minute while your GC continues to operate at normal temperatures. There is no need to cool the GC down before installing new filters.






 Gas Clean Oxygen Filter 


 Gas Clean Moisture Filter 


 Gas Clean Charcoal filter 


 Connecting Unit for 1 filter (1/4") 


 Connecting Unit for 1 filter (1/8") 


 Connecting Unit for 2 filters (1/4") 


 Connecting Unit for 2 filters (1/8") 


 Connecting Unit for 4 filters (1/8") 


 Connecting Unit for 4 filters (1/4") 


 Wall mounting bracket for  connecting Unit


 Gas Clean Filter kit, Helium/Nitrogen 


 Gas Clean filter kit, Air/Hydrogen 


 CP-Gas clean filter unit with 3 pressure regulators (1/4")


 CP-Gas clean filter unit with 3  pressure regulators (1/8")


 Gas Clean filter kit for TCD incl.  2 filters (1/8") 


 Gas Clean filter kit for FID incl. 4 filters (1/4") 


 Gas Clean Filter kit for FID incl.    4 filters (1/8") 






General information


The Chrompack Gas-Clean Filter System consists of two intregral elements: the connecting unit and a filter. The connecting unit is equiped with inlet and outlet connectors for gas lines. When exchanging filters, two valves automatically stop and start the gas flow. Four options are available:


1. Single connecting unit for one filter.
2. Base plate with two connecting units for two filters.
3.Base plate with four connecting units for four filters.
4. Filter unit with four connecting units for four filters and complete gas control filters.


The filters are made from heavy walled polycarbonate. A knurled nut secures the filter to the connecting unit. Double O-Rings on the connecting unit provides gas-tight sealing. All filters are also equipped with internal dust filters. Three filters are available:


1. Oxygen filter - Removes oxygen as well as traces of sulfur and chlorine compounds from carrier gas. The top is filled with a highly adsorbtive material, while the filter exit is filled with an oxygen indicating solid. When the filter is saturated this indicator turns fron greeen to grey. Capacity: 150ml oxygen Concentration at outlet: < 1.0ppm.

2. Moisture Filter - Removes water, oil and other foreign material from the carrier gas. The indicator changes from green to pale brown when saturated. Capacity: 7.2g water Concentration at outlet: < 0.1ppm.

3. Charcoal Filter - Removes organic compoundsfrom gas streams. This filter is advised for the hydrogen and air supply to the FID. It contains no indicator. Capacity: strongly dependant on the type and ampunt of impurities in the gas.




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