All-In-One Gas Purification System


• One cartridge removes oxygen, water and non-methane hydrocarbons
• Maximum purification in a minimum space
• Wall-mount and bench-mount hadware included
• Regenerable; saves time and money


The All-In-One Gas Purification System removes trace level contaminants in a single-cartridge system. The System removes oxygen and water to better than research grade levels (< 0.2 ppm). The single cartridge format offers low operating costs and is easily replaced. The purifier consists of a manifold head and multi-sorbent cartridge for efficient remocal of water, oxygen, sulfur compounds and hydrocarbons. It is shipped fully activated and filled with high-purity helium. It is available with either 1/8" or 1/4" fittings. Regeneration service available. Dimensions are 12 cm x 31 cm x 8 cm. Weight is 1.3 kg. Replacement cartridge only weighs 0.6 kg.

Construction: The all-welded stainless steel cartridge contains a multiple-layer adsorbent bed to sequentially remove contaminants to trace levels. The system comes ready to wall mount, but may be bench mounted by removing the bracket and attaching to a bench mount base which is included.

Capacity: The All-In-One Purification System has a capacity for oxygen of at least 0.58 g/450 cc, enough to purify eight 292 cubic feet tanks of 999.997% pure helium, or a larger number of tanks when higher-purity helium is used. Water capacity is about 13 grams to an output level of 100 ppb, while capacity for hydrocarbons is pentane is 1.9 grams.

Efficiency: The All-In-One Gas Purification System has been shown to remove residual oxygen and water from research grade helium (99.9999% minimum purity). Oxygen is removed to an output concentration of 1 ppb, when measured under test conditions. Water and hydrocarbons (as n-butane) are removed with an efficiency greater than 99.8%.

WARNING: Becomes hot when exposed to air, use only with inert, non-oxidizing gases!





Item No.

All-in-one HC,H20, O2

1/4" All-In-One (HC,H2O,O2)
Gas Purification System


1/8" All-In-One (HC,H2O,O2)
Gas Purification System


All-in-one Cartridge

All-In-One (HC,H2O,O2) Replacement Cartridge 200psi



The all-welded stainless steel cartridge contains adsorbents to remove oxygen, water and non-methane hydrocarbons.

Capacity is 450cc oxygen at STP to 1ppb output; 1g water to 1ppm outlet, and 5g hydrocarbons as n-butane, or a total of 8, 292 cu. ft. tanks of 99.997% pure helium. 200psi maximum pressure.



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