Advanced Filter System



• Two indicators, for oxygen and moisture

• Gas contacts metal, glass and fluoroelastomer

• High capacity and efficiency in a single cartridge

• Easy cartridge replacement with twist on/off assembly knob

• Double seal construction for safety, especially when using hydrogen gas

• Check valves protect gas lines during cartridge replacement

• Includes mounting hardware for wall or bench


Carrier gas contaminants can be a source of capillary column degradation. Common problems resulting from impure gas are a decrease in sensitivity and an increase in baseline noise.

The Advanced Filter System (AFS) removes impurities such as oxygen, water and hydrocarbons from inert gases and hydrogen to low ppb levels.






Excellent Capacity and Efficiency in One Cartridge

• The Advanced Filter System has high capacity and efficiency levels for oxygen, water and hydrocarbons.

• The recommended maximum flow rate is 2 L/min and 200 psi maximum operating pressure

• The extremely sensitive moisture and oxygen indicators allow cartridge replacement at the appropriate time, and ensures maximum protection and uninterrupted quality results from your GC instrument.



Innovative Design

The two-part system includes a stainless steel manifold and a high capacity filter cartridge.
The manifold mounts to a laboratory wall or bench with brackets included in the installation kit and connects to a 1/8” gas line with stainless steel compression fittings.
The cartridge easily attaches and detaches from the manifold with an assembly knob. To change the cartridge simply twist the knob to disconnect the cartridge from the manifold and slide on a new cartridge. Twist the knob back for a tight, secure fit. Check valves close when the cartridge is removed.


Safety Double Sealing System

Each connection in the AFS is made with two fluoroelastomer seals. In addition, the polycarbonate shield that surrounds the glass indicator section of filter is sealed. Unlike other glass filters, the gas flow is secure even if the glass should break.

This redundant sealing system and robust construction provides a new level of security in gas filtration.

sealing system





Part No

1/4" Advanced Filter System


Advanced Filter System, 1/8”, Complete Kit


Reconditioned Cartridge


Replacement Cartridge


Advanced Filter System 1/8" Manifold


Advanced Filter System 1/8" Manifold


1/8" Advanced Filter System II - Complete Kit


1/4" Advanced Filter System II - Complete Kit


Advanced Filter System Reconditioned Cartridge


Advanced Filter System Hydrocarbon Moisture Cartridge




Advanced Filter System 1/4" Manifold


Connecting piece for Advanced Filter System cartridges.

- This manifold connects to 1/4" tubing with stainless steel compression fittings and includes check valves to protect gas lines during cartridge changes. ITEM: 202902MN





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